Saving Energy

Although energy is the most abundant thing there is since everything is made up of it, we still need to conserve electricity and other fuels that we use in our daily lives for a number of reasons. This is actually a huge subject that deserves a whole section of the website to be dedicated to it, which is exactly what this page headlines.

saving energy using solar panels to generate electricityWhile we as the human race may be a lot more advanced in our technology and lifestyle than we were say 100 years ago, our energy consumption has skyrocketed in ratio to the energy sources that are available for us to use. For this reason and until we can figure out a more economical way of doing what we do, we must think of ways in which to conserve the fuels we use.

What Are We Using?

First off, what is it exactly that we are using and while we're about it, how much of it do we have left? Our technology and machines that run every aspect of our modern lives all require fuel in one form or another.

Most domestic and business appliances that we rely on for convenience and comfort as well as aiding us in many tasks throughout the day use electricity as their main fuel source. Machinery and automobiles run on refined oil products such as gasoline and diesel, while others run on natural gas or propane/butane gas.

Generating Electricity

One of the country's biggest energy consumption comes from the generating stations to provide the grid with electricity for homes, schools, hospitals, public buildings and businesses. To produce electricity, there are a variety of "fossil" fuel burning stations that consume coal, gas or oil; nuclear powers stations and a small but slowly growing number of renewable energy source stations that use wind, hydro and photovoltaic for example.

It is the "fossil" fuel burners that are causing most of the world's air and water pollution while also contributing to the annual rise in the volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If it weren't at all funny in any sense, it would almost be laughable that such an advanced civilization as we have at present should still, in this day and age, be relying so heavily on "burning" fossil fuel to produce electricity when we already have abundant resources in renewable energy that we're stupidly not using.

This is a country by country problem, although there are some that are making huge advances in redressing the balance while others don't seem to have the will or ability to make the change. Some countries, particularly in Europe are generating the majority of their electricity using renewable sources.

Most notably in Norway, hydro electricity accounts for almost all of the country's power generation needs. In Germany, Holland and many others, wind power is growing exponentially while those countries with greater numbers of sunshine hours such as Spain are growing their photovoltaic generating capability.

The sad part is that all these "little" countries are far outstripping the mighty US in their march toward renewable energy usage in Europe. Can you believe that most of Europe will eventually free themselves from the shackles of the oil/gas producers while the US remains an energy-hogging dinosaur?

The main methods of energy production in the US need to bring themselves into the 21st Century with the rest of the world. But that's a topic for a lot of discussion elsewhere.

Energy Conservation Methods

I won't go into the many useful and in some cases clever easy to conserve energy from the user's point of view on this page as it's really more of an introduction to the subject. Below you'll find clickable titles to articles elsewhere in this website that cover each method in depth: